Farm Life: Grow and Harvest Crops

Welcome to the Farm Life: Grow and Harvest Crops - A Family Farming Business!

Start your career as a farmer & learn the secrets lying beneath the farm business. Grow tree fruits and bushes; cultivate to harvest several crops, like corn, canola, wheat and many other ingredients required for making tons of hay products!

If you’re tired of other farm games that require being online to play, we are the perfect option for you! Play without internet connection! Never lose your progress opportunities because of not having Wi-Fi nearby! No other farming games offer you as an individual bonus to reduce your data plan internet expenses.

Raise & take care of your animals, decorate your farm with lots of beautiful decorative objects that you can unlock to make your farming lands unique!

  • You can grow, harvest
  • You can also come with the factories, buy machinery to make products from harvesting what is.
  • You have to hire employees to sales at its stores
  • You need to make the business plan and complete the necessary tasks.


  • Free to play
  • Login Facebook to play game with your friends on other devices, other platforms
  • Amazing 2D Graphic
  • More than 60+ achievement to complete
  • New missions regularly updated with fun new features

Play and become a Business Tycoon Hero!!!

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